The Book

Gerhard Maroscher’s latest book Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here was published in October, 2015. In it Gerhard tells the story of how his family was impacted by World War II.

Gustav’s and Helene’s peaceful rural life in Transylvania (part of Romania) is filled with hope for the future. The events of WWII force Helene to flee her homeland with her two young sons. She is transformed from a shy inexperienced young mother into a lioness who will do anything to save her children. Gustav, a teacher, becomes a reluctant warrior in three Axis armies, and a prisoner of war of the Russians.

The family, separated by the war, miraculously survives both the war and near-starvation afterward. Helene, with her two sons, and Gustav flee from their respective communist countries and are re-united in American-occupied Bavaria.

Seeking a better life, the family immigrates to the United States and lives the American Dream. Through perseverance and hard work Gustav becomes an engineer who is part of the team that puts a man on the moon. After Gustav’s early death, Helene opens her own tailoring business, is able to pay off the mortgage, and live comfortably in old age.

The book speaks of the resilience of the human spirit, dedication to family, and the love of freedom.

Read the first two pages of the book to discover the story behind the book’s unusual title!

The Book: Status Update

Sales of the first second third print run are going well! Yes, the first and second printings sold out and the third print run is in house and available for ordering!


Why can't somebody just die around here?
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From a reader:

I completed reading a wonderful book earlier this week that I think needs to be read by every red-blooded American. This is such a fantastic read. I was running, hiding and starving my way through Chapter 12 with you. I had never heard of the Morgenthau Plan until reading this book. I noticed the parallel of political moves over the last few years with our country with that of Europe in the 1940s. Then the wonders of immigrating to the United States of America, and realizing the American Dream. I’ve had a great deal of respect for Gerhard for the last 25 years, and this book explains a lot of what experiences turned him into the wonderful person he is. Thank you for finally writing this book Gerhard. It truly has been a blessing. Now to pass it on to my children to experience! -Christopher Thacker