Business cards!

News from Gerhard:

I decided I needed business cards.  Now when I talk about my book I can also hand out cards to remind people to click on the book’s website for more information about the project.


Mark Dawson designed the card.

Having a card to hand out brings home the reality that sometime in August the book will actually be in print!

Business card, front.

Business card, front.

Business card, reverse

Business card, reverse

Research trip: three generations of photographers

In October of last year Gerhard traveled to Germany to do some research for his book, and met Constantin Beyer, grandson of a World War II-era photographer and a photographer himself.

Constantin Beyer_edit

Constantin Beyer and me in front of his front door in Weimar, Germany, taken in October during my research trip.

Constantin’s grandfather took photographs of the bombing destruction in Weimar during World War II.

Constantin has all of his grandfather’s pictures, three of which will be in the book. Constantin also took contemporary photos of those three locations during the October trip.

Photos used by permission of Constantin Beyer,