Cover design


The book is nearly ready to go to the publisher!

I just printed the front and back covers on some card stock to see how they look full-size. On my home printer I cannot match the quality of the glossy actual cover of the book, so I am excited to see the first proof copy back from the publisher.

The cover has been designed by Mark Dawson.

Burn or recycle? That is the question!

Burn or recyle 1

Shown in front of the fireplace are paper copies of each of the edited 19 chapters. That hard copy edit was the last one before I sent the electronic file to the editor a couple of weeks ago.

Now the question is: burn or recycle? Considering the hours editing took, burning has a certain appeal to it. The pro-environment angel on my shoulder is trying to convince me to recycle. The small fellow with a big grin on my other shoulder, the guy who says he likes it really hot, says watching the papers burn would be fun. Right now it is a tossup.

Today I received the final edit of the manuscript from the editor. Am going to read it and see what they proposed changes there are. Hopefully this will take only a few days. Now where are the matches?

Important editing technique

anti-gravity pose

After standing all afternoon working on the manuscript, my legs were very tired. A bit of anti-gravity rest on my yoga mat felt great. Koda is resting also but he does not need the anti-gravity pose.

I’m working on the final touches of the manuscript. Just wrote the copyright page, acknowledgments, and author’s notes. A few minor tweaks to the last chapter and file will be sent to the editor for final formatting!



Arrgh! The text is written. But “done” does not necessarily mean DONE. Now I am reorganizing several chapters. Shown are the recently re-organized chapters. They are “filed” on the family room floor. The book will be in print soon – it just doesn’t seem like it.