Not in the book: the lifesaving lamb

Many stories we never made it into the book. Some didn’t make it because I took them out, others because somewhere along the way one has to stop changing the book. Yet occasionally something triggers my memory and a story that I hadn’t thought about for decades suddenly pops into my head.

For example, several minutes ago a 64-year-old story came to mind:

I was very sick and near death from a severe allergic drug reaction. I had been in bed for maybe four weeks. My parents were not sure I would survive. In hopes of sparking a will to live in me, my parents brought me a newborn lamb. I remember the joy I felt at the beautiful fluffy little lamb beside me in bed. Their plan worked.

Proofreading the proof


The proof copy has arrived from the printer!


Once I am sure that the proof is as desired, the printing of books will begin!

As soon as the shipment comes in I will let everyone know how to get a copy. If you’re interested in getting on the pre-sale list (and haven’t already) just send me a message here and I’ll let you know as soon as they are for sale.

The click that launched 100,000 words


The final manuscript has been converted to a PDF and sent to the printing company!

The printing company is now making one proof copy of the book, as well as a proof of the book cover. Once I approve them both then the printer will print the full order. I should have the proof in hand any day now, and the final print run should happen soon thereafter!