Selling books without leaving home


Not only do I have the best contractor in the county doing painting and renovations, I have the best read contractor!

Gary Wright, of Wright Builders (on the right) read the book several months ago. He recommended it to Jason Fuller who purchased two yesterday, one for himself and one for his dad.

The evening of his purchase Jason read the first 60 pages. Iā€™m pleased to report he likes the book!

Author talk ā€“ Bloom-Carroll High School


Over the last two days I spoke to history students at Bloom Carroll High School in Carroll, Ohio. Yesterday the largest group I spoke to at one time was 60 students.

I spoke for 5 periods straight. Legs and voice held up! The students respectfully listened and I believe gained some perspective on life from the presentation. Several students asked for business cards. Maybe they or their parents will purchase a book?


Gerhard’s visit even got a write-up in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette!

Book selling is a constant endeavor


Last week I sold a book to the plumber who replaced the disposal. Yesterday I sold a book to the generator maintenance guy. I hire well read plumbers and maintenance people!

IMG_1525 copy

It isn’t the best new market for selling books, however, since they charge many times more for their services than I make on each book. šŸ™‚

It proves again it does not pay to be shy when selling books.