Book Review – Linda Marsh

The book recently received this nice review on

“I grew up on my dad’s stories of what he saw in Germany during WW2, stories that took hold in my brain and just never let go. This is a book that is a must-read for any age, should be mandatory in schools actually.

The title might throw you as it did me—but when you read where it stems from you’ll get it, AND agree.

Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here is a big book that is written in clear concise short sections. Easy to follow, horrifying to have to understand, you’ll smile shed a tear, become a cheerleader and root for this family that just never gave up. Two brothers lived due to the strength and ingenuity of their mother, and eventually the determination of both parents. This story is their personal struggle of survival in a horrible time. ~~WELL DONE GERHARD~~”

Linda Marsh,

The third print run has arrived!


Another printing of 300 books – my third print run – just arrived! But there was a problem with this delivery. The truck was too big to deliver the pallet of books to my driveway. My wife’s Subaru came to the rescue and we had a mid-street transfer of book boxes. It took two Subaru trips to deliver the books to my garage, aka warehouse.

I am pleased to report the driver left with a book! I’m still batting 1,000 with contractors and workers wanting to read the book. This is a good way for me to hone my salesmen skills. Who-woulda-thunk that an engineer turned teacher could also be a salesman?

Author talk – Transylvanian Saxon Convention


The 105th Transylvanian Saxon Convention was held in Salem, Ohio, last weekend. I had the opportunity to speak about my book to about 100 delegates from 26 local branches that make up the national organization. Afterward there was a book signing.

It was wonderful to talk to fellow Transylvanian Saxons. I especially enjoyed speaking with cousin Rudy Maroscher, whose father came to the USA in 1906. The first meeting between my dad and Rudy several years after we immigrated to America is described in the book.