Book review: Dan Rendleman

Gerhard (left) and Dan (right)

Gerhard and his brother visited Dan Rendleman, an¬†amateur historian and Vietnam veteran. Dan enjoyed Gerhard’s book and had this to say about it:

This book was a great read for a history buff like me. I couldn’t put the book down. What the Maroscher family went through in the after math of war-torn Europe is heartbreaking and amazing. Every American should read this book. It is a true American success story. It’s a great history lesson and I highly recommend it.

-Dan Rendleman

Dan has studied the German military extensively, and over the years has collected actual uniforms that were worn by German soldiers.

Dan (actual human on the left) and Gus (actual human on the right) pose with German Imperial Army soldiers from Dan’s collection.

Das KaffeeHaus Grand Opening and Book Signing!

Das KaffeeHaus von Frau Burkhart, a new coffeeshop in German Village, is having their Grand Opening on Saturday, April 15th. Among many fun things and activities, Gerhard will be signing copies of his book from 3pm to 5pm!

Come get your book signed, taste some different coffee varieties, sample pastries, enjoy Bier specials, and listen to some yodeling!

New brochures and signage!

No, we haven’t invented time travel – these photos are not from the grand opening happening in a couple days. These are Gerhard’s test setup using some new signs and brochures he has made, to help draw attention to his display when in crowded and confusing spaces and events.

New brochure is in haus!

In addition to a brief synopsis of the book and Gerhard’s contact information, the brochure also has a blurb about the story behind the book’s title.

Mark Dawson had fun designing the signs and brochures!

Update after the Grand Opening: The event was fun, full of music (Alp horns, yodeling, singing) and visitors to talk about the book.

Lesson learned from doing a book signing at a cafe: discourage visitors from setting a full cup of coffee down on a wobbly table. In related news, there are now coffee-scented books available for purchase!