Author Talk: Bethany Lutheran Village, Dayton

On Thursday, May 25, Gerhard gave a talk at Bethany Lutheran Village, in Dayton, Ohio.

During the question and answer time, a gentleman born in 1931 stood up and talked about how he had lived in Romania right after the war. He had been in a concentration camp and lived in Transylvania from 1945 to 1947 after he was released. He described Transylvania as a beautiful country with good soil and bountiful harvests. In those two years he went from near starvation to having normal weight.


As I was packing up, he talked to me in perfect German. I wish we had had the time for me to learn more about his background. Was he Jewish, Romanian, a German minority who ran afoul of the Nazis??  In 1947, after the Soviets got rid of King Michael and exercised total control, he fled to the West. Eventually he made it to America. An interesting story for sure.

Author talk: Wagnalls Memorial Library, Lithopolis

Gerhard will be selling and signing copies of his book at the Wagnalls Memorial Library on Memorial Day from 11am to 1pm.

Aside from the chance to meet Gerhard and get a signed copy of his book, the library itself is a beautiful space to visit and explore. Gerhard is donating five dollars from each book sold to support the library!

Monday, May 29, 2017, 11am to 1pm

Wagnalls Memorial Library
150 East Columbus Street
Lithopolis OH 43136

Wagnalls Memorial Library is also on Facebook.

Author talk: Cleveland Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons

It’s a small world after-all! I had the opportunity to speak at the Cleveland East chapter of ATS last week. The person who invited me is of Transylvanian Saxon heritage. It turns out my father was her mother’s teacher in Transylvania in the village of Senndorf (now Jelna), Romania!

Sadly, because of WWII and the communist regime afterward, there are no Saxons are left there. Although the church tower is still standing, the church my parents used to attend is in ruins. The good news is, we came to America!

More Senndorf info.