Radio interview – Tune in!

Today was a new first for me: an interview to be broadcast on several radio stations!

Tim Stonerock, of “The Point Radio”, who had just finished reading my book Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here?, interviewed me and we discussed the book. The 12-minute interview will be aired on the following stations starting today! (see below)

When listening to the recording I did discover that I say, “Ah”, during pauses much more often than I thought I did. With a bit of practice I should sound a tad more professional in future interviews. I’ll try to prove that even an old dog can be taught new tricks.

You can catch the interview on these stations. If you aren’t in one of these regions you can also catch a livestream from anywhere in the world via the web links below:

Dayton, OH WGNZ 1110 AM 1:30 pm Wed, Jan 24 Web stream
Waverly, OH WXIC 660 AM 11:30 am Thurs, Jan 25
Huntington, WV WEMM 107.9 FM 7:30 pm Fri, Jan 26
Huntsville, AL WBXR
1040 AM
103.1 FM
11:15 am Sat, Jan 27 Web stream

Web stream

Richmond, VA WDZY
1290 AM
103.3 FM
10:15 am Sat, Jan 27 Web stream

Web stream

Omaha, NE KNLG 1560 AM 6:30 pm Fri, Jan 26 Web stream
Waverly, OH WXIC 660 AM 12:30 pm Sat, Jan 27