Kirkus print ad

Kirkus Reviews has been running some advertisements for my book in their print magazine, as well as on their website.

While getting the word out about the book in paid advertising is fine, this excerpt from the Kirkus review itself is particularly nice to read:

Maroscher’s research, while reliant upon informal interviews with family members, is impressively meticulous and thorough. The author controls the narrative like an orchestra conductor, allowing each player’s contribution to have its part within the piece as a whole. Also, he’s refreshingly candid about his own life, particularly his sometimes-troubled teenage years, and he writes with wit and compassion.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Amen to this review, Gerhard. Dave and I were so moved by your story, and by the way that you told it. You teased out the stories behind and around your own family’s experience, letting us as readers experience a fuller picture, the larger environment in which your family’s story was lived out. Kudos for a well-researched, masterfully told story.

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